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Christmas Items Stock File

If you would like to add holiday stuff to your icons or volunteer here to be an Icon Elf, feel free to use this Photoshop file of cut-out hats and holiday things on layers. Big thanks to zoniduck for contributing to our collection again this year.

(Save File)

For icon-making tips and resources, or to see more of my silly stylings, friend coell_icons, my neglected icon site. I also work as a freelance graphic designer through GrangeGraphics.com if you ever need web hosting, small websites created, or print media designed.


Dec. 8th, 2007 11:29 pm (UTC)
Deck_the_Icons Elves
Sure, I always appreciate help. Usually what we do is sign in to GoogleTalk and make our status say something like "Making Christmas stuff" so the other elves know someone might be doing icons - this avoids duplicates if possible.

If you see someone doing icons, message them and say you're doing some too, and you tell each other when you're taking someone's request. For example...

coell: Hi! I'm here to do icons - are you doing any right now?

heartfelt_angel: Yep, I'm on lil_chanteuse.

coell: Ok, I'll do user_a.

heartfelt_angel: Taking username_b.

coell: Taking username_c.

heartfelt_angel: I'm done for now.

coell: Ok, I'm probably only going to do a couple more. Thanks for helping out!

You'll need image hosting, though I can give you the username and password of a folder on my account if you need it. Comment to the user that you filled their request and put the image in a tag there. They'll probably reply to say thank you. Last year I deleted them once I knew they were received, but this year I think I'll leave them and we can just browse the bottom of the list to see who still needs filling.

Use anything in the hats-file above to add to icons, or if you have your own stash, feel free to email them to me and I'll add them to our stock. I wouldn't mind having a copy of your file for snow -- mine's not that great.

The only thing I'm concerned about is the simplicity of your recent hat examples, such as:

They're cute, but they're not very realistic, since the brim of the hat is a simple oval and doesn't actually fit "on" their heads. Obviously people will appreciate any effort and won't complain since it's a gift from you -- but they'll be more likely to actually use the icon and pimp us if it's something that looks better than average. So if I can politely say, you have room for improvement there, but seriously - I'm not turning away help because there tends to be a lot of requests and I'm just one person looking for distraction from real work on weekends. My elves from last year are too busy to help right now, so if you're willing to lend a hand - I say: THANKS! My GoogleTalk ID is coellcmu at gmail.com.

Normally we just fill one after another down the line, but if someone on the list is your friend, you can skip ahead or double-fill something -- since they'll like the variety and be extra pleased if their Elf was someone they know and love.