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Deck the Icons

Santa hats for everyone!

Deck the Icons!
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Molesting your icons with holiday additions. Santa hats for everyone!
Do you like adding holiday touches to your icons?

Want someone to christmatize an icon for you?

deck_the_icons is an open community for people who manipulate regular icons for the holidays. Whether it's adding santa hats, strings of lights, or carol lyrics -- donning festive graphics is a fun way to spread holiday cheer!

A. Post icons you made.
1. Specify if your icons are a gift for a specific person or if they are available for sharing with credit.
2. Use an lj-cut if your entry contains more than 5 icons, 200 kb of graphics, or adult content.

B. If you use an icon from here, credit the maker.
1. Common sharing etiquette is to credit the icon maker in the icon keyword or subject with "Made by ______".
2. If the original icon was made by someone and we added something, please credit both. For example, "Made by ______, edited by deck_the_icons."

C. To request an icon:
1. Comment a request for some kind elf to deck your icon. Please tell us who made it so we can credit them. We assume you want the one you post with, but you can also ask us to pick any one that would work best.
2. If you want a new icon created, give us links to the picture(s) and what you want done to them.
3. Can we share the icon or is it only for you? Do you want your name in it (if it fits)? Do you want something specific done to it or leave it up to us?

Special thanks for zoniduck for contributing to our hat collection: (Save this Photoshop file.)

Notice from the community creator, coell: Profanity, nudity, sexuality, and other adult themes are permitted, though warnings and lj-cutting are appreciated.